Product Engineering

Crafting innovation through cutting edge technology

At ThoughtSpheres, we take pride in creating ground-breaking products for Enterprise as well as Consumers. Our Product Engineering Team demonstrates next generation technology skills. Deep understanding of critical business processes and consumer behavior allows us to offer best possible platform/solutions with extraordinary ease. Our core competence lies in the following areas: Mobility, Cloud, Social Solutions & Analytics.

We undertake outsourced product design and development. Adopting a strictly professional approach TS collaborates with clients to build products across multiple domains to help them attain competitive advantage.


Our Products


Store 2 Door

Store to Door is a mobile app presenting a smart, structured and scheduled solution for the home needs of the exclusive customers who deserve to be treated royally. Empowered with an innovative home resource planning software which enables predictive analysis of your requirement of grocery, fruits and vegetables, we offer its scheduled delivery. We serve you with all the stuff and extend essential household and utility services for a comfortable and cozy living experience before you realize, at your doorstep.



Inspect is an interesting way to communicate with your friends and anonymous users when you need the most. You can ask/share your queries/updates to see your friend’s responses, poll to your friends & anonymous users on visuals, doubts, confusions, curiosities, issues etc to know their opinions. You can also get the suggestions from your friends or anonymous users for any services which you are looking for. This platform provides very simple & generic ways to create & publish inspects for your various needs. This platform is also augmented with Auto Predictive Status feature. Using this platform you can see your friend’s real time status even at the time of calling them.

Part of Facebook Bootstrap Program



mSense is an advanced mobile app which employs state-of-the-art Augmented Reality through which the business houses can promote their products/services in a unique way to increase their reachability to a larger audience. Highly convenient for the users this mobile app allows them to access the detail of a particular business and their offering through just a tap on their mobile screens. It is a revolutionary app which provides all information related to the business just by scanning their brand logo or images on their mobile screens. This App can also procure location details by moving the smartphones in that direction.


Track Team

Track Team is a mobile app for tracking the people especially the field executives and the vehicles used for transportation of either goods or people to enable superior monitoring, thus allowing efficient supervision. A GPS and geo-fencing enabled ‘Track Team’ app is designed to monitor sales team as well merchandise of the organizations.

Customers :

Apollo Clinic, Berhampur


Track AD On

This provides a generic platform to facilitate Advertisement service providers for remote monitoring on placement of their hoardings/banners/images etc. with real time manner by reducing the manual interventions & iterations which augment Customer experience and optimized cost. There is a backend server which can be monitored by both the agency and customer.

Customers :

Shadow Advertising